What am I bad at?

Have you ever thought why people start businesses and then suddenly stop? Sometimes it’s just because they’ve bitten more than they can chew! If you don’t like to sing, why starting a singing career? If you hate to get up early, why starting a morning business? If you can’t speak in public, why start a school? This sounds simple, but so many fall into this trap!

I’ve analyzed my strong sides, now it’s time to compile a list of weaknesses. Do you want to do this another little exercise with me? Take a piece of paper and write them down.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to share them with everyone like I do:

I am so lazy

Yes, I’m lazy. I think this is my greatest weakness.

To some extent, laziness can also be an advantage, as I always tend to automate things, so they work without me overseeing. But it’s SO hard to get my butt off the couch and go do something important!

What can I do about it?
So – yes, I’d prefer to get rid of this size of me someday. There’s a lot of work in front of me and to get through I should be able to put the laziness aside. So, I guess I need to put some efforts in studying laziness and self motivation.

I am anything but assiduous

I just can’t stand repetitive, boring tasks. I just can’t. I better spend all my time automating the thing so I don’t ever have to do it manually. Sometimes I procrastinate for hours, trying to think of a solution, and losing precious time.

What can I do about it?
Can there be a lesson for me here? Probably, if I want my enterprise to work, I need to organize things the way they work without requiring my attention, so I could literally sit and sip cold drinks while “it” works. Something to think about.

I am afraid to start

Yes, this is a fear I, as many of you, secretly have. Someone said “If you’re not embarrassed of your first blog post – you’re starting too late!“, which literally means “Don’t overthink, just do it!“.

What can I do about it?
To overcome this fears people usually get the following advice:

  • Think, is there a real reason you’re afraid to fail? Or is it just in your head?
  • What is the absolutely worst thing can happen?

My answer is: yes it’s just in my head and the worst thing can happen I’ll loose some time and get a lot of hands-on experience with a lot of new stuff.
Does this sound any bad? Hell no! So… why am I still procrastinating so much?

I am generally afraid of people

Yes, as a computer rat I am generally afraid of interacting with people. This is especially funny, because this is something I actually love, and something I fear at the same time. I am afraid to talk to strangers. I am afraid of smalltalk. I am afraid of how I look and sound. Do you have similar fears?

What can I do about it?
Well, I only felt good when I push myself and interact with people. When I pay a compliment to a complete stranger, when I start talking to someone in line with you, when I am trying to sell $10 for $20 (idiotic exercise of overcoming the fear of being rejected).

I think, social interaction skill is kind of like a muscle in your body, which you can train and it grows with time. I guess, I just need to work on myself, getting more and more of this experience, pushing myself to interact with strangers every day. Note to myself: something to think about!

What about you?

Ok, this wasn’t easy. It took me half a day to write this. But what about you?
Comment under this article, what holds you back?
What is your weakness and what can you do about it?

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