Meet Oleg

Hello! My name is Oleg, nice to meet you!
This is my blog about achieving financial freedom. You’re welcome to hang around!

Let’s keep it to the point:

Oleg? What an unusual name!?

I know, I know, my name may sound rather uncommon for you. It sounds Russian, right? And it is. It comes from Slavic languages, where it in turn came from Old Norse name “Helgi”, meaning “holy“, “sacred“, or “blessed“.

Because Americans aren’t familiar with it, and since my first day in the US I hated to have to spell my name, for example in Starbucks. Sometimes spending an entire minute spelling it and answering idiotic questions. Believe it or not, but for some time I would try to pass for “Alex” in Starbucks just to save some time.

Another funny story: last year I dislocated my right knee and was wearing a brace, and since then I’ve been jokingly spelling it as “Oh! Leg!” At least this way they get it right!

Where do I come from?

Now living in the US, I come from a small Eastern European country called Moldova. Nobody knows where Moldova is. Do you?

Gosh, there is a trivia game with super tricky flashcards questions (like “how far is to the Moon?“, “How long did the longest war last?“, and such). So, the game itself is called “Where is Moldova?“. As if it is the most tricky question of all!!!

Moldova is very small: only 2 hours across. 3 million people. We speak Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian languages. Yes, I do too! We don’t have anything else to brag about but our wineries. World level wine, hundreds of miles long underground cellars with, like, underground streets you can drive in your car – great tourist attraction!

Fine food and kind, very hospitable people, that’s probably all there is to know about Moldova.

What is my story?

Well, for 20 years now I have been a software developer. I’ve slaved away on hundreds of different projects and built so many websites I can’t possibly count. I’ve helped hundreds of people build their online businesses, and now it’s time to build my own.

I came to the US in 2012 on a work visa, and due to its limitations up to this day I couldn’t freelance, moonlight, and be involved in any kind of side business.

But today (yes! today!) I got my Permanent Resident card (green card) approved, and today — June 1st, 2017 — I’m starting my own enterprise, my own journey to financial freedom!

What is this blog about?

This blog is the story of my success. Or failure. Let’s find it out together! If I happen to have several projects to run, this will be my central blog where you can always find me.

Here I will share my thoughts, my projects, my ideas and doubts, my ups and downs. I will share with you everything I learn.

I hope you join me in my journey, and I hope that my experience will help someone to achieve their dreams too!

What’s next?

I recommend reading my entire story starting from this very post and going forward in time. Good luck!

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